Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preschool at Gramma's House

In the Garden
Zibby told me today that there are, "very many fairies that live here."
I think this may be one of them.
Nap time.
I was so happy to find AbbySue's old muck boots...just in time for Zibby in Oregon.
Dress-Up with her new glubs.
We made these out of our Roth's paper bag.
Noodling a neck-a-less.

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  1. Just got to catch up on all your blog posts. Everyones kids have gotten so big. :-) I am so blessed to see how God opened the door to a home you saw 8 years previous. His ways are beautiful. If I only would not resist when times are difficult and embrace Him more..slowly but surely.
    The last time I was in Silverton was a little over 5 years ago.. I think that was the last time I saw your family real quick. Anyways, LOVE the pictures. Tell your Mom and Dad HI from the Buckouts!