Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A treasury of days

We have lived in "The Old House" for one year today. When I think about Christmas last year I recall how unsettled we all were. Our house felt unfamiliar, almost foreign. But now....well, now so much Life has happened here it just can't be "The Old House" anymore. It's our Home.

We seem to have found our rhythm. Aaron still travels (almost) each week, but his office is at when he's not on an airplane or sleeping in a hotel bed, he is here. The kids enjoy taking their toys and books, maybe even a pet or two, with them into Dad's office and keep him company while he spins all those plates.

Being back at Evergreen has been one of the sweetest blessings to our family.We are grateful everyday for the gift of our precious country school. I imagine that there are not many public schools left that have "The Bible Bus" come at recess or a Christmas program that includes The Nativity complete with "Silent Night."

From fencing to horseback riding, piano, violin, youth group, and serving at the fellowship we met and married is very good. From last Christmas to this, I don't think that one family holiday has been anywhere but here. This a wonderful home for gatherings.

Life is far from perfect. We have our share of struggles. But when I think about my grandparents and the way they lost their son to a senseless act of violence very similar to those families in Newtown who are navigating through their own unfathomable heartbreak...I remember that this house, these children, my husband...all of this can be gone in a moment. So, to honor my uncle, and to honor those who wish to hold their little ones tonight, I stop. I stop to hold them all and then I lay all of these precious treasures at the feet of our Savior...who is our Hope and Peace beyond the grave.

 A legacy of beautiful Mom & Grandma
 Daddy's Girl
 She dances to Christmas music...everyday.
 The best brother.
 Our church Christmas Tea. AbbySue & Abbi.
 Sometimes I just take her out to lunch...because she's not going to be this little much longer.
 Mom made this shawl for me before Aaron and I were married. The perfect remedy for a winter cold.
 This is the "Bible Bus". One of the may reasons we LOVE our Evergreen.
 Ben is getting to be quite the fencer!
AbbySue last night, on her way to the youth group Christmas party. Ugly sweater...beautiful daughter.

Monday, December 10, 2012

shellfish kids

Zibby (along with her siblings) has acquired a taste for mussels. She has had them on both coasts. For a solid week she has been asking both Aaron and I to make her a bowl of mussels. I've never made them....but I'm thinking a dinner of mussels might be on the menu soon.

Gosh our kids eat weird things.

Westport, Massachusetts
Loving the longneck clam...a very scary looking food. 

very good music

She is one of my favorite artists...and this album is simply beautiful.

exhorting, encouraging, comforting...

thank you Sara Groves.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

you can't always get what you want

Zibby is always trying to straighten her hair.

I had no idea that a five year old would even notice that her hair was curly.

She does.

When her smooth headed cousins come to visit, I see her trying to tame those ringlets.

But that hair is about as stubborn as the girl who wears them.

So, tonight when she got out of the shower, she tried the new brush I bought on those unruly curls.

She must've brushed it for almost ten minutes, willing her hair to lay down flat against her face and shoulders.

And it worked, for a minute.

She comes running.

"Mommy, who do I look like! Who do I look like?"

I was stumped.

"I look like an eight year old." She runs over to the big window to catch her reflection. "See, I look like Lily!" (Her very straight haired 9 year old cousin.)

But all that I could see was that one ringlet popping back into place, framing her elfin face.

"You look perfect." I smiled.

Maybe one day she'll appreciate that hair of hers.

Because Mommy loves it.

as straight as it gets...
and those curls. 

Being We

We all loved last Saturday.

Piling into "Big Red". Plugging in our favorite James Taylor Christmas Album. And driving up the hill to good old Reinhart's to find the perfect tree.

This has been a Kookie tradition for years and very much missed while we were away.

Zibby asked, "How do we know which tree is the best?"

"It will talk to you." Mommy fibbed.

And so the five year old would walk up to each tree, "Hello? Hello? Is it you?"

Candy canes, hot cider, smiles, remembering, and looking forward...the first candle glowing.

Advent is beautiful and it's a part of being We...

The Kookies that I love.