Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making Home

It isn't hard when your new house is yellow (again) and surrounded by whispering woods. It isn't sad when you hear your child say, "I love it here." It isn't lonely when you live next door to the most outgoing neighbor in the world, who makes you cookies (& margaritas), plays kickball with your kids, and invites your whole family over for a cookout on a night when your life is still in boxes. And it is simply uplifting to go to church on "Baptism Sunday", witnessing young and old alike profess their faith in Christ, go under the water and come up again new, just behind the pulpit. Beautiful.

Today I can finally breath a little. I'm not sure when it will begin to feel "normal" again, or for that matter if it ever will. Maybe deep down I'm uncomfortable with normal, it sounds too much like "lukewarm" to me. I want to have a living, breathing, flowing kind of faith, so...keep me on my toes Lord (but more often on my knees.)

The kids and I took a drive to a peaceful lake with a park just a few miles from our house this morning. While we were in the car I talked to them about something that Aaron and I have been praying about. We both felt that it would be good for Abby Sue and Ben to get back into school. We have heard so many good things about the elementary school closest to us. The kids here won't be out of school until the end of June, so it's been hard for Abby Sue & Ben to get connected. They have loved learning at home and truly done an amazing job with all of these transitions, but we feel isolated and see the need to build relationships within our new community. So, next week they are very excited to be a part of Jefferson Elementary, and we will be covering them in prayer every step of the way.

Homeschooling is still in our hearts and possibly in the future. We realized that we have been "homeschooling" our kids from the moment they were born, and we will continue to do so as long as they are under our roof. For us that doesn't always mean excluding public school but working together with it. We are all willing to give it a try here.

God is so good to us. My heart still aches for all of our family and friends, but His word continues to comfort and encourage my heart. His faithfulness endures. His love never fails.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

restaurants, empty house days, hotel hospital, & fluffernutters

Making their own pizzas on mother's day
My little helpers
Lunch on the back porch
"Hotel Hospital"
Ben approves of the popular NewEngland fluffernutter sandwich.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pilgrims Progress

Today we are moving in to our beautiful new home! I'm so happy that I feel like playing the "glad game" about our time in the hotel:

1. Someone else makes our beds.
2. Someone else makes our breakfasts and cleans the dishes.
3. There is a pool.
4. It is just down the road from DePuy Institute (Aaron's work).
5. Zibby calls the elevator the "alligator" and it just makes me laugh.

I have been so proud of the kids. They have patiently endured planes, cars, restaurants, hotel beds, and (at times) a grumpy/sad mommy. They have been so creative...(my favorite was the animal hospital they made out of napkins and paper plates.) When we go over to the house they don't mind that it's empty...they came up with their own games and had a blast. The woods around our house are an endless adventure.

Even on the first day that we saw the house as a family our neighbors all came out to greet us. There are kids everywhere, and the family closest to us have 3 girls...two of which are Ben & Zibby's age. The neighbors are so friendly in fact that they have already set up meals for us after we move in! I was so touched by their hospitality.

Over the past few days I have felt much more like my old Pollyanna self. I know that God has lead us here and I'm praying that we will reflect all of His love and grace as we walk by faith. I like to think of us as modern day Pilgrims. We don't know what lies ahead, but we trust that He is leading us. It won't always be easy, but He has a plan for our lives here and we will serve Him with joy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pollyanna's gone

I have been a little down lately and the thought of sharing and news or memories hasn't really been on the top of my list.

All the emotions of the last few weeks are finally catching up, leaving me just a bit depressed.

I'm not that fun to be around.

All the realities of life are hitting me at once.

It's hard living in a hotel. We haven't had a "normal" routine for months now. (our things come on Saturday).

I've tried to play the "glad game", but it's not working. I feel like Pollyanna, after she fell out the window.

But...there is still a little part of me who knows ..."press on"...."He is a very present help in times of trouble"...."be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart."

He is my God.

p.s. the kids have already made many friends in our new neighborhood!....(I'd rather go hide in my room and cry for a bit.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

We did it!

Des..those "Mom Squad" sweatbands rocked...the kids looked so awesome! Abby Sue...the necklace you made for me is a treasure forever. Thank you.
It says "Finisher"...I've been wearing a lot today...not gonna lie:)

It's finally sinking in. I finished a marathon today! But, it goes deeper than that. God started something in me 16 weeks ago, and through miles of (sometimes less than glorious) training , He spoke to my heart, in His quiet way. He rebuked me, chastened me, encouraged me, and whispered words of love to me.

Today was hard. It was a long way to run. The finish line just couldn't come soon enough, but when I realized that I would finish...still running, my heart was overwhelmed. His presence, His power, His grace, they carried me through and filtered over me when I crossed that line.

I lifted up hands of praise to Him. He made me. I run because He gave me two good legs and also because I just love to see His strength glorified through humility.

I are we ever going to see the "all things" we can do through His strength unless we take the first step...which I'm learning is the hardest.

p.s. Thank you, Aaron, Abby Sue, Ben, Elizabeth, Mom, Dad, Des, Kari, and made my day!