Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pilgrims Progress

Today we are moving in to our beautiful new home! I'm so happy that I feel like playing the "glad game" about our time in the hotel:

1. Someone else makes our beds.
2. Someone else makes our breakfasts and cleans the dishes.
3. There is a pool.
4. It is just down the road from DePuy Institute (Aaron's work).
5. Zibby calls the elevator the "alligator" and it just makes me laugh.

I have been so proud of the kids. They have patiently endured planes, cars, restaurants, hotel beds, and (at times) a grumpy/sad mommy. They have been so creative...(my favorite was the animal hospital they made out of napkins and paper plates.) When we go over to the house they don't mind that it's empty...they came up with their own games and had a blast. The woods around our house are an endless adventure.

Even on the first day that we saw the house as a family our neighbors all came out to greet us. There are kids everywhere, and the family closest to us have 3 girls...two of which are Ben & Zibby's age. The neighbors are so friendly in fact that they have already set up meals for us after we move in! I was so touched by their hospitality.

Over the past few days I have felt much more like my old Pollyanna self. I know that God has lead us here and I'm praying that we will reflect all of His love and grace as we walk by faith. I like to think of us as modern day Pilgrims. We don't know what lies ahead, but we trust that He is leading us. It won't always be easy, but He has a plan for our lives here and we will serve Him with joy.


  1. Have a wonderful time making your house home! "Glad" you are feeling like your ol' self again. I think I will watch Pollyanna the next time the weather drives us inside.

  2. Is it wrong that I don't correct Claire when she calls an elevator an alligator? She's is 4...

  3. Day by day for sure! I am glad those deeper breaths of joy are coming again. What a joy to have such giving neighbors... I understand the feeling of wanting to just go hide and cry! Thinking and praying for you!!! ps. I need to play the "glad game" myself... any rules I should know? ;)