Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holding on...

 These two big kids are down the road at Canyonview Horse Camp for 3 nights and four days! I just got off the phone with Ben the Man who was  calling to"check in on you." Homesickness goes both ways buddy.
 This girl and her mommy have been treasuring our last week together before she sets off for kindergarten. What a blessing to have her all to myself while Daddy is in Idaho and the kids are at camp. We have had our own little adventures and she officially said goodbye to her training wheels today. (Thank you Wyatt!)
 Because Mommy is going through some major emotional issues about letting her little ones go she said yes to the crazy idea of adopting these two fur balls. The calico is Zibby's and she named her "Rosie", the orange tabby is AbbySue's and she named him "Pippin." Ben told us he now "gets Dot" even though he has developed an allergy to cats.
 Loving when he's home.
  Holding on to all of these precious memories and any of our fruits and veggies that the deer haven't gotten to first!

Goodbye August...you've been lovely.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I like her spunk...

Look a little closer and you will see that my five year old has a six pack. I'm not bragging...she was seriously born a solid mass of muscle. I have not encouraged her to be athletic, she just is. The same goes with music....this girl wakes up every morning and plays the piano for almost an hour. Again, I'm not bragging, I don't expect her to do this, she just does. She can figure out notes to music and sings perfectly on pitch. She has taught herself how to write and cartwheel and crack and egg without breaking the yoke. She is fiercely determined. It's kind of funny to me that she is our third...not at all the center of attention. In fact, she is at her best when the focus is not on her. We were mentioning to our friends the other day a funny little story about just how fierce our Zibby is...

A few weeks ago the cousins were all here and the kids were heading out to the tent for bed. All of us adults were relaxing, watching the Olympics when the peaceful summer night was interrupted by a blood curdling scream. It was Zibby, she had placed a bare foot on one of those giant, slimy slugs. The girl was clearly creeped out. I carried her inside and set her on the kitchen counter to wash of the ick. Tear stained and traumatized, she wipes her face, furrows that blond brow and evenly says, "Get the salt." 

I don't think anyone can get in her way but God. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


 August 11, 2001

Still as sunny as the day you were born...our happy AbbySue.

AbbySue & The American Girl Birthday Party

When the latest issue of American Girl was found in our post office box AbbySue was elated to find an entire article devoted to a beach themed birthday party. Leave it to our eclectic girl to take it to the next level. Anyone can have a beach themed birthday party, but only AbbySue can turn a simple theme into the "Outdoor Camping Hippie Ocean Beach Birthday Slumber Party!" She planned all the games, crafts, snacks, etc. The girls searched through a kiddie pool of sand for treasures to make into bracelets and hair clips. They fishtailed each others hair. They played "Sea Urchin Tag" and a game called "Dolphin Challenge". They cartwheeled in the sprinklers and blessed AbbySue with the sweetest gifts, many of which were handmade. Daddy barbecued mini hamburgers and hot dogs. We had ice cream sundaes instead of cake, because AbbySue is our Ice Cream Queen. Cousin Kaeleigh shares the same birthday, which made for 11+15 glowing candles. There was an "I Love Lucy" marathon and manicures. When Mommy and Daddy couldn't keep their eyes open we sent them out to the tent and didn't hear a peep. After the sun came up those sleepy girls were hungry again, so I sent them out to the garden to pick berries for Daddy's famous pancakes. It was a sweet and lovely time. AbbySue has some truly precious friends. And after two years far from home this birthday party really was a gift.

Adventure Awaits!

 A hike to the falls with Uncle Lorn, Aunt Dory, Barrett, & Audrey
 Ben's first camping adventure with the cousins and uncles
 The always challenging Cascade Lakes Relay...I love van2!
 AbbySue gave this to me before we left for the race..."So you know I'll be with you every step of the way."
 Aaron ran the last leg....7 miles on red clay in 90+ degree weather..."Where is the water!?"
 All the cousins in Pacific City....perfect beach day.
 Of course Zibby climbed to the top and ran all the way down the dune.
 I love that we can drive our cars on the beach on Oregon. I love that AbbySue didn't mind swimming in her clothes because silly mommy forgot to pack bathing suits. Zibby insisted on taking a picture of mommy at The Pelican Pub.
 Our new family tradition...riding bikes downtown (Silverton) and stopping by Hi-School Pharmacy to spend our collective change on (what else!?) candy!
 AbbySue & Audrey gave us a full concert lip singing to Adele....I almost peed my pants.
The littlest one catching a quick nap before the next adventure....I think I need one too.


A few months after we bought The Old House, I had my doubts about the size of the place. In my heart I have always wanted small, simple, cozy, & easy to maintain kind of place.

I've questioned why God would give us a house with so much extra space.

I like simple.

We have lived here for eight months now and from our first Christmas in December until this past birthday weekend in August, hardly a week goes by when this place isn't filled with family and friends. 

I'm not a gifted hostess. I'm a hobbit. 

Still, there is something very heartwarming about having this big old place alive with memories of our own. 

I've noticed that it's easy to relax here...by the fireplace or the pond, in the garden, or under the birch trees. 

It's pleasantly imperfect. 

Uncle Lorn, Aunt Dory, Barrett, & Audrey just went home after an almost two week stay with us. The Old House was Home Base. The rest of the family came over everyday. 


The Bible says, "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity.."

Dwelling together in unity happens here a lot...and now I know why God blessed us with the extra space. 

He has a plan...

It's that simple. 

 Cross Stitching Cousins
Peaceful Pathway

Family Reunion