Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adventure Awaits!

 A hike to the falls with Uncle Lorn, Aunt Dory, Barrett, & Audrey
 Ben's first camping adventure with the cousins and uncles
 The always challenging Cascade Lakes Relay...I love van2!
 AbbySue gave this to me before we left for the race..."So you know I'll be with you every step of the way."
 Aaron ran the last leg....7 miles on red clay in 90+ degree weather..."Where is the water!?"
 All the cousins in Pacific City....perfect beach day.
 Of course Zibby climbed to the top and ran all the way down the dune.
 I love that we can drive our cars on the beach on Oregon. I love that AbbySue didn't mind swimming in her clothes because silly mommy forgot to pack bathing suits. Zibby insisted on taking a picture of mommy at The Pelican Pub.
 Our new family tradition...riding bikes downtown (Silverton) and stopping by Hi-School Pharmacy to spend our collective change on (what else!?) candy!
 AbbySue & Audrey gave us a full concert lip singing to Adele....I almost peed my pants.
The littlest one catching a quick nap before the next adventure....I think I need one too.


  1. almost Jenn?!?!? come on. i know better than that! :)