Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dragon Found


Taking three children to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is something special. We know this....and we soaked in every moment...grateful, sunburned, and embracing it all.

Because even in (earthly) paradise, we are still human, prone to jet lag, bladder infections, burning and peeling itchy skin, and the occasional meltdown...but it's worth it right?

Days, even years go by and only the best parts remain with us, the memories of scorching sand and plate lunches with sticky rice stuck all over (still) youthful faces, and shave ice piled higher than golden eyebrows, wide smiles lost behind rainbow sugar juice, waterfalls pouring from misty clouds like white ribbons over every shade of green you can imagine.

It was all beautiful  "In a land called Hanalei".

I tell you the truth, I would not have been at all surprised to see a magic dragon emerge from some hidden cave behind those jungly mountain sides, and land on the sand next to Ben.

Dragon found.

The place was that unreal.

side note: did anyone else (besides me) not know that the song Puff the Magic Dragon was inspired by the beautiful Hanalei Bay on this island of Kauai? I'll never forget Ben's tears when he first heard that song.

 Fearless and the remains of an eel
 Nothing sweeter than this smile
 Plate Lunch
 Shave Ice
 Luau love...and Stitch was very well behaved
 Love him
 well deserved

 Daddy & Zibby...(each one of them loved snorkeling with Daddy)
 Crazy beach bum with a coconut
 Proof of Kauai's "un-realness"
 Counting waterfalls
and these two enjoying the views of Waimea Canyon