Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 1/2

Elizabeth, "Mommy, can I has some of yours choclit chips?"

Mommy, "What do you say honey?"

Elizabeth, "I say yes."

Thursday, March 25, 2010


After all this searching we have found a home! I'm just overwhelmed with God's goodness. He is strong on our behalf. When we decide to let Him lead and we truly trust Him for every detail, He orchestrates the melody of His grace throughout the composition of our lives. I will praise Him with my whole heart, in Him alone do I put my trust!

So here is the story of our new home....

Our real estate agent on the east coast, Deb, has been truly a gift from the Lord. She is very wise and always gives sound advice. She is from the town, Franklin, that we have been doing most of our searching, so she knows the market well. She has steered us clear from making hasty decisions and has been with us very step of the way. She hasn't really been excited about many of the homes we have seen, but very supportive. We knew this house and neighborhood was special when Deb told us that homes rarely come up for sale in it, especially for such a low price. We realize that we have to look at the house we decide to buy as an investment. Aaron and I both have learned that God requires an account of how we use the provisions His hand have given us, so our desire has been to be wise in such a huge purchase. The cost of living in New England is much higher than here in Oregon, and as you can imagine (and have seen along with me), the houses are much more expensive. That being said, we have gone through a gauntlet of emotions. Aaron and I have always held true to living well below our actual income. I have been called a minimalist on more that one occasion, (just look in my fridge!). The fact is, I would be very happy living in a small cabin tucked up in the hills somewhere, chopping wood, and hunting for our food..heck I'll even take the pioneer dress over my clothes any day of the week. But, that has not been God's plan for my life. I married a very gifted and driven man whom God has called to shine as a light for His glory, first as a professional athlete and now in the corporate world. Along with that calling I have been, (reluctantly at times), thrown into a world that would be completely the opposite of my "Pioneer Girl" nature. As you can imagine I struggle finding the balance. All of that being said, it's hard for me to have a lot. I would rather have a little. But, God has chosen to intrust Aaron and I with much...and to whom the Lord has given much He requires much. We have to be wise, faithful, generous and, yes, even content. Just as wrong as it would be to have pride in our accomplishments or our possessions, it is equally insulting to God's good grace to have pride in our simplicity and humility. Every single thing we have in life is from God. We desire to learn, in whatever state we are (with much or little, together or apart, healthy or hurting) to be content.

So, about the new house. Yes, it's brand new! I haven't even seen it in person, but Aaron loved it and I trust him. It's yellow with has a nice big kitchen for everyone to gather round and even has an acre of woods in the back yard for the kids to explore. The landscaping isn't finished yet but is included, the builder only has a few more details to complete, but we hope to move in and make it our own around the end of May. Aaron told me that on the way to this neighborhood you have to drive through farmland and woods, which reminded him of Oregon. That is one of those extra little details that bless our hearts. I just hope this neighborhood is ready for the Kookies and the way we roll....down home, mismatched, skinned knees, hand me downs and all! No need to keep up with these all means, pass us up...please!

here is the link to some photos of our new home!

Monday, March 22, 2010

One day in the life of a 7 year old boy...

Hunger...constant, insatiable, hunger.

Splash your arms pits with apple juice and tell your mom it's because you want to smell good (not to mention taste good) as you proceed to show her (with pride) how you can even lick your armpits.

Finding yourself stuck up in a tree, hanging by only the collar of the vest that you are wearing (without a shirt underneath because you want your muscles to show.) Mom, running to your rescue while you laugh your head off.

Thinking it would be a great idea to see what would happen if you lock the cat in the car.

Sprinting headlong down a steep hill and leaping off the end of it, landing in a way that looked like you certainly hyperextended one, if not both knees...and still laughing your head off.

Coming home from your sisters soccer practice, jumping out of the car and peeing in a nearby bush, stating that, "no one can see me and I really had to go."

Telling your mom that your poor choices throughout the day are all due to a dull ache at the back of your head and you think you might have brain damage.

Not being too old (yet) to cover your mommy in kisses and hug her with those grimy hands, because to you she is still just the most wonderful lady that God ever created.

House Update

All together there were 6 offers for the house on Doe street. Aaron and I both felt that getting into a bidding war over a home was not our style so we pulled our offer out. We feel really good about the decision. No matter how badly we want to find a home and get settled we don't feel like making buying a home out of desperation is wise. So, for now we just sit tight until the one that God has for us comes along.

Please pray for my heart to be faithful and focused. I feel like my brain has turned to mush in all of this. I miss the simple routine of home life. If feels like everything is being turned upside down and I'm tempted to just start hastily putting it all back together on my own. I know that I need to rest in His good plan but my heart is really anxious.

Thank you all for your love and support.

We love you.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We'll see what happens...

So, we saw the house on Doe street today. It is wonderful. We all loved it! The kids ran off and played in the woods the entire time we were there! The hard part of it is, about 4 or 5 more families love it too. We put in an offer today, along with everyone else, so now we just sit and wait.

That's the tough part.

"I wait on the Lord and in Him I put my trust."

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Can you tell it was VERY cold!? We were freezing...except for Ben, he ran around pretending to be a Puritan explorer. He even made a bow & arrow out of a branch and one of Abby's headbands. The weather made us realize how hard it must have been for the first settlers. The actual Plimoth Plantation opens up in just a few days. You can tour cabins, the Mayflower II, and talk to "real" PIlgrims. We can't wait to go back...when it warms up a bit! We did get a chance to see Plymouth Rock, the first Pilgrim burial grounds, and of course try some saltwater taffy!

Massachusetts Fun

Most of these photos are of our first time visiting the Boston Children's Museum. Needless to say, it was so fun. They have a lot of good deals for families on Friday nights anyone can get in for just a buck! What was really nice for us was that we came during the middle of a school week, so it was not crowded at all. We truly enjoyed ourselves. I was also very thankful that I found it, in the middle of a huge city during a downpour and crazy northeastern drivers honking everywhere! We had to park on the roof of the parking garage, but it turned out to be a blessing because the kids saw a great view of the city skyline.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Graveyard Conversation

Abigail, "Ben, when I die, will you make sure that I have a beautiful grave?"

Ben, "Yes, of course!"

Abigail, "I mean like really beautiful...something out of gold, will you please make sure that it is out of gold?"

Ben, "Well, I guess...I mean, if I'm around that long."

Could it be...?

We all drove by this house last night and just loved the woods and the neighborhood....not to mention it's around the price were were hoping to spend (which is a miracle in Franklin). If it is as homey and sweet on the inside as it is on the outside then we feel that we have found our home here. The kids love it too...and I don't blame them. It's on a quiet cul-de-sac and next to the Franklin State Forest. The trailhead is just down the road!

It has been a tough road of searching...starting with the home we loved on Hunters Run (which finally closed this week to the other buyers) and going through house after house...too big, too small, too expensive, close to power lines, smelling a like smoke filled lounge, smells like dog pee, has carpet in the bathroom, on a busy road, on a steep cliff, too secluded, not private enough, etc.

So all of that to say this one look really special...with a little bit of our touches here and there, I think we can make it our own. Still, it is in our God's hands...we want to only be where HE desires us and we trust that He will show us.

Thanks for you prayers!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Road to Home

Etsy is fun. Sure, I'm not a graphic designer, and I'm certainly not an artist, but I love the idea that so many talented people can share their craft with the rest of us. I have found some one of a kind handmade gifts on Etsy and can't wait to see what my little shop, "The Road to Home" by Suebeejane, can come up with. I'm going to post some of Garth's artwork too and maybe even a few fun antiques. Come by for a visit anytime!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

At this moment I'm sitting in our hotel room with a very unruly little girl.

It's hard when your kids are naughty.

It's even harder when they are naughty in public.

Poor Elizabeth never had a chance to be good today.

I pulled her our of her warm bed at 4:30 am, strapped her into a cold car seat, didn't feed her until too late, made her wait too long to use the potty, and asked her to sit still and be quiet in an overcrowded plane for 6 hours.

Then the poor thing had to get off of that never ending turbulent ride from h-e- double hockey sticks, sit in another car for an hour, check into a strange hotel, go out to dinner (where she threw a fork across the table in front of God and mommy and Elizabeth left....the later with a sore rear end), and then try to fall asleep in a different bed.

Recipe for disaster.

No, my little love, you never had a unfortunately every stranger that we have been in the presence of throughout the course of this very long day has not had the joy seeing you, I mean who you really are precious girl.

No little miss, it wasn't pretty.

But just remember this honey; one day you will be a very good mommy. You will be firm, and loving. Gentle and wise. You will correct and encourage. You will do everything right...but your little one will have those naughty days.

Don't worry...God is still very proud of you.

side note: as I end this post Elizabeth is in her little crib singing, "Savor He can moove mountain, my God is mightee to save...He ish mightee to save..foever conquer of salvation.. Jesus conquer da gwave...sha na na na let da holeworl sing, fo da gloree of raisin king!"

Amen little sister!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sorry sweet friends....

So sorry that I disabled you all from making any comments on my posts! It was not intentional at all! I think when I made the blog more private it automatically set up a lot of other safe features. But I LOVE to hear from you. I just tried to change the setting comment away! can call me anytime too...503-873-6568....503-999-5365

you are all so precious to me!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kookie Cottage....Sold.

The sign went in the ground about 2 weeks ago.
Tonight we've accepted an offer from a family who fell in love with our sweet little home.
Nothing short of miraculous in this economy.
I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.
I'm willing to let it go.

It still hard though....really hard.
"The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of our LORD!"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Halfway Through

This week marks halfway through the marathon training.

I've run approx. 170 miles in 8 weeks.

I hit a wall this past Saturday when my "Marathon Rookie" calendar told me to run 14 miles.

I ran until my legs felt like concrete blocks.

I ran with a pocket knife in my hand because of Chelsea King.

I ran until my sports bra rubbed me so raw that I bled.

I ran till I cried.

I'm not tough.

I'm not crazy.

Jesus meets me out there, when I'm at my weakest...

and He meets me here when I rest.

I'm thinking this is one of those "all things through Christ who strengthens me" lessons...

Strengthen me Lord!

Mommy's Prayer

Abigail, Benjamin, and Elizabeth,

More than any hope or dream I have for each of your lives, Philippians chapter 2 verses 14-16 is my constant prayer. That you would (by grace) learn from me to, "Do all things without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain."

As unto Christ,


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank you for house hunting with me....

I just want to thank all of you for going on this crazy house hunt with us! I never imagined it to be so exhausting. In the past we have never had to "look" for a house...each one kind of found us. So...this is uncharted territory to say the least. We know in our hearts what we like but the options can be overwhelming. It is tempting to get a little anxious..."will we find a home?"..."will our house sell?"...."how will we know when to step out and make an offer?"....Still, we know that in it all our Father has a plan...and that plan is for " give us a future and a hope."

On that note...go back with me to the 2nd house we posted...on Hunters Run. This house felt like home to Aaron the moment he walked through the door. We decided to put an offer in on it knowing that it was already under contract with another offer. Weeks have passed since then and as far as we knew it was a done deal until today. Without going into too much detail, there may be a possibility for our offer to be considered. We were really surprised to hear this, but a little reluctant to get our hopes up.

I actually have never even been in this house, but Aaron drove me by it...and to be honest it looked like home.

So, please pray for us. We just want to have wisdom and discernment in all of this. We want to glorify God through obedience, faith, hope, and trust. He is so faithful.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Like a Lion...

So Elizabeth insists on playing outside almost everyday, rain or shine, usually wearing her Snow White dress, sparkley shoes (covered in mud), and a jacket (if I'm lucky). "Nature Glam" is what I like to call it.

A spring breeze whipped through the yard, while she was playing the other day, making the magnolia leaves dance and the pine trees sway. Elizabeth starts laughing..and not just giggling...but deep belly laughing. I heard her from the kitchen and wondered what was so funny. I looked outside just in time to see the wind pick up again, and that girl, face tilted up, eyes squinted, golden curls blowing, and just cracking up at the way the wind made the yard come alive.

It made me stop and wonder too.

Read this book...


The Kookies are joining the "slow-movement"...this is a great book. Ann Kroeker writes out the words that have been jumbling around in my brain. She is scripturally sound and encouraging. This book is timely written and will speak to the hearts of many frenzied families. Love it!

Monday, March 1, 2010