Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Could it be...?

We all drove by this house last night and just loved the woods and the neighborhood....not to mention it's around the price were were hoping to spend (which is a miracle in Franklin). If it is as homey and sweet on the inside as it is on the outside then we feel that we have found our home here. The kids love it too...and I don't blame them. It's on a quiet cul-de-sac and next to the Franklin State Forest. The trailhead is just down the road!

It has been a tough road of searching...starting with the home we loved on Hunters Run (which finally closed this week to the other buyers) and going through house after house...too big, too small, too expensive, close to power lines, smelling a like smoke filled lounge, smells like dog pee, has carpet in the bathroom, on a busy road, on a steep cliff, too secluded, not private enough, etc.

So all of that to say this one look really special...with a little bit of our touches here and there, I think we can make it our own. Still, it is in our God's hands...we want to only be where HE desires us and we trust that He will show us.

Thanks for you prayers!


  1. ps you will also live on Doe Dr. that seems very earthy to me! :)

  2. JENN!!!!!!I love this house, it seriously already reminds me of you in so many ways, not the floral wall border, but so many of the other rooms and colors. I hope it will be yours!

  3. The kids even said, "That looks like us". So cute.

  4. Has carpet in the bathroom?
    Smells like dog pee?
    No. Just no.
    This one looks great.