Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank you for house hunting with me....

I just want to thank all of you for going on this crazy house hunt with us! I never imagined it to be so exhausting. In the past we have never had to "look" for a house...each one kind of found us. So...this is uncharted territory to say the least. We know in our hearts what we like but the options can be overwhelming. It is tempting to get a little anxious..."will we find a home?"..."will our house sell?"...."how will we know when to step out and make an offer?"....Still, we know that in it all our Father has a plan...and that plan is for " give us a future and a hope."

On that note...go back with me to the 2nd house we posted...on Hunters Run. This house felt like home to Aaron the moment he walked through the door. We decided to put an offer in on it knowing that it was already under contract with another offer. Weeks have passed since then and as far as we knew it was a done deal until today. Without going into too much detail, there may be a possibility for our offer to be considered. We were really surprised to hear this, but a little reluctant to get our hopes up.

I actually have never even been in this house, but Aaron drove me by it...and to be honest it looked like home.

So, please pray for us. We just want to have wisdom and discernment in all of this. We want to glorify God through obedience, faith, hope, and trust. He is so faithful.

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