Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Like a Lion...

So Elizabeth insists on playing outside almost everyday, rain or shine, usually wearing her Snow White dress, sparkley shoes (covered in mud), and a jacket (if I'm lucky). "Nature Glam" is what I like to call it.

A spring breeze whipped through the yard, while she was playing the other day, making the magnolia leaves dance and the pine trees sway. Elizabeth starts laughing..and not just giggling...but deep belly laughing. I heard her from the kitchen and wondered what was so funny. I looked outside just in time to see the wind pick up again, and that girl, face tilted up, eyes squinted, golden curls blowing, and just cracking up at the way the wind made the yard come alive.

It made me stop and wonder too.


  1. She is a little fairy, I think<3

  2. she is that and a bit "imp" too i'm sure..she's my little irish girl for sure!