Saturday, March 13, 2010

At this moment I'm sitting in our hotel room with a very unruly little girl.

It's hard when your kids are naughty.

It's even harder when they are naughty in public.

Poor Elizabeth never had a chance to be good today.

I pulled her our of her warm bed at 4:30 am, strapped her into a cold car seat, didn't feed her until too late, made her wait too long to use the potty, and asked her to sit still and be quiet in an overcrowded plane for 6 hours.

Then the poor thing had to get off of that never ending turbulent ride from h-e- double hockey sticks, sit in another car for an hour, check into a strange hotel, go out to dinner (where she threw a fork across the table in front of God and mommy and Elizabeth left....the later with a sore rear end), and then try to fall asleep in a different bed.

Recipe for disaster.

No, my little love, you never had a unfortunately every stranger that we have been in the presence of throughout the course of this very long day has not had the joy seeing you, I mean who you really are precious girl.

No little miss, it wasn't pretty.

But just remember this honey; one day you will be a very good mommy. You will be firm, and loving. Gentle and wise. You will correct and encourage. You will do everything right...but your little one will have those naughty days.

Don't worry...God is still very proud of you.

side note: as I end this post Elizabeth is in her little crib singing, "Savor He can moove mountain, my God is mightee to save...He ish mightee to save..foever conquer of salvation.. Jesus conquer da gwave...sha na na na let da holeworl sing, fo da gloree of raisin king!"

Amen little sister!


  1. Jenn,
    You are a good mommy; firm and loving, gentle and wise, encouraging...Your posts warm my heart.
    Is Boston close to Montana? :)
    Love, Kim

  2. The raisin king loves that girl.

  3. We saw a temper tantrum at toy store yesterday and the mommy dragged him through the store on a kiddie leash while he lay there on the ground kicking and screaming. We tried not to stare! Isn't it helpful when you have an audience while your child is acting up!!

  4. I am laughing so hard about Zibby singing, I imagine it to be on the top of her lungs, oh how I love that little girl!

  5. I love this Jenn! Thanks for sharing! Zibby has a wonderful mama and she is wonderful herself too!

  6. Jenn, I LOVE your blog!!! This post was my favorite so far. We all have those days. Feda bo hiv, bosom friend!