Monday, December 28, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

So we arrive at Great Wolf Lodge yesterday and I realize that I left my camera at home. I was feeling a little down about it when Abby Sue said, "Oh, that's okay mom. We can just be like Mary and treasure all these things in our heart."

She gets it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Try, Try, Again

We took them ice skating today. The little girl stayed home, safe, with Poppa & Gramma. We get to the rink, it's crowded. We wait in line for a half of an hour just to get in. The kids are patient...the parents aren't. Rentals downstairs..we follow the signs and find ourselves in a chaotic mess of shoes, blades, and feet...everywhere. We ask for our sizes...wrong, try again, and again, and again. There...the kids and Mommy are set...but Daddy is not. You just can't fit size 16 feet in to size 15 hockey skates. Still, he puts on a brave face and we get our things together and head for the rink. Wait...where are Abby Sue's sneakers? They were just here...we look under every bench and one is helpful...they are just annoyed. Mommy is getting annoyed too. Breathe Jenn, breathe. There they are! Okay, just a few set backs, but now we are ready. Hold on... we need a locker..they only take change..can't get change gotta go upstairs for that. But wait...the purse won't fit in the locker...should we skate with it? Gonna have to. Please don't fall Jenn, you'll smash your camera to bits.(Can't put it into the locker because it costs 75 cents every time you go in and out of it). Breathe again...lets just get on the ice! Okay here we go....BAM! Two kids down..Mommy still standing, Daddy wincing in pain. Now we are coaching them and they are getting it...then, what's that? Zamboni time? We just got on the ice! Are you kidding me!? Breathe...get the kids off the ice. BAM>>BAM...we're okay..let's find a seat. The ice cleaner is fun to watch right? Where did all these rude teenagers come from..they are sprawled everywhere on there cell where to sit...just dirty looks. Merry Christmas to you too!...breathe Jenn. Abby Sue is thirsty. Really thirsty...gotta get a drink. Daddy has a dollar. The dehydrated 8 year old goes to get a drink from the "venting" machine. They are a dollar fifty..and it won't give us our dollar back. No one can help us. After all, "We don't take care of those machines.." they say.." you have to go to the customer service center here in the mall for that.(inhale..exhale)" you just have a drinking fountain? No answers on that one. Big sister is gonna have to just tough this one out. She chokes back the tears, the Zamboni has worked its magic, time to get skatin'. 5 more minutes of gliding and falling, smiles...but wait...Daddy's toes are revolting...he takes my big purple purse and heads off the ice. One down. The three of us skate to the middle. I'm halfway decent enough to coach them a little. Falling less...skating more...faster, more confident..SLAM! Ben meets ice face first. I heard it. Scoop up the boy...get off the ice..please Lord...don't let him have a broken tooth, concussion, etc. He's in pain. Big Sister is freaked, Mommy is done breathing...MEDIC! We better go...I can't handle head injuries. "No....I want to still skate!" says the brave boy with the bloody face. "What!?..really? You want to keep skating?" Daddy gives us all a hug...he's smiling again now that his feet are free. We are back on the ice. They love it. They don't want to leave. They can't wait to skate again. And me? I would've given up hours the first sign of trouble...written off the day...thrown in the towel. Not these kids. Perseverance. Determination. Lesson learned.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Minor Chords

Some days feel like minor chords. An unexpected, reflective moment that gives you that "I think I might cry" feeling. We are so confused about the future right now. Of course we can't know what is ahead, we can only pray for wisdom when the time comes to make a decision, but Aaron and I are both feeling the temptation to get anxious.
A couple nights ago we were up most of the night talking, going back and forth about Boston. Reality is hitting us hard these days. We can't go anywhere without feeling a bit depressed over the possibilities of, friends, church, school, beautiful Oregon. I especially have been struggling with a future that will include isolation & loneliness. I know this sounds depressing but I have lived far away before and to be's stinkin' hard! I want to put on the brave face but all I hear is those minor chords bringing me to tears. Still, I know that a song without minors is predictable and honestly, boring. So...

Jesus, I ask for peace...I pray for courage....and I thank You with all my life for making our song into a symphony praise. Amen.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunt

We bundle them up and put on their muck boots, pile into the truck and head up the winding road to Reinhart Tree Farm . It's Christmas tree hunting time. The winter sky glows blurry orange as we set out to find our perfect tree. Abby Sue wants the "happiest" one, Ben wants the "lonliest", and Zibby loves them all. It's quiet, only a few families search around us. We are on top of the world. And then...through the hazy cold, Daddy spots her...our Christmas tree. Happy, lonely, and loveable. All three kids gather round and give her the thumbs up. We stop by the barn for cookies and cider...marvel, once again, at the "singing tree", visit with friends, and head back down the hill with our tree in tow.

Silverton...I love you.

Silverton Tree Lighting

Zibby & Daddy

Abby Sue & Ben watching the firefighter sprinkle pixie dust on the tree

Gramma & Sue Bee

Ben and his best buddy, Colby

Santa usually lights the tree from the top of the fire truck ladder but word on the street is that our Silverton Santa had a little too much "holiday cheer" to be up that high. The kids didn't really notice and the magic is still alive and well in their little hearts.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is a eletrice scooter, the Littlest Pet Shop Adopshion Senter, a paper fashion doll set, and most of all I want a trip for five to Morsirri. XO XO


p.s. If it's too much just get the trip to Morsirri.

note: Morsirri=Missouri...where Uncle Lorn, Auntie Dory, Barrett & Audrey live.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


As I was struggling with a light cover today I expressed my frustration out loud to the kids, who anxiously waited for me to change the light bulb....,"Mom calm down" Ben says, "Just remember, lefty loosey, righty tighty!" Ahhhh...thanks for the reminder Benji! End result: Just wait for Daddy to get home and play in the dark WITH the kids :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What we do for beauty

Aaron and I decided to surprise Abby Sue this weekend and let her (finally) get her ears pierced (as part of her christmas present). Even though she is already an 8 year old in third grade, it was still hard for me to consent. I think the biggest reason for me had to with the fact that (in my opinion) she happens to have perfect ears. Seriously, both she and her sister have the most darling little ears you'll ever see. Their ears are so pretty...why punch a hole through them? But...vanity and girlhood prevails and to Abby Sue's delight she was inducted into the "ears pierced" club yesterday. The best part was when the first hole went in the gun actually got a bit stuck in her ear, so it hurt more than usual. "Oooo, oo,, let me take a breather here before you do the other one if you don't mind!" Abby Sue responded. What we do for beauty is beyond me sometimes...still I have to admit her perfect ears do look spectacular. (Pictures coming soon!)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Pics

The Tree of Life

A little bit of Abby Sue's artwork.

Something to Treasure

From the "What I am Thankful For" bulletin board in Abby Sue's classroom.