Sunday, December 6, 2009

What we do for beauty

Aaron and I decided to surprise Abby Sue this weekend and let her (finally) get her ears pierced (as part of her christmas present). Even though she is already an 8 year old in third grade, it was still hard for me to consent. I think the biggest reason for me had to with the fact that (in my opinion) she happens to have perfect ears. Seriously, both she and her sister have the most darling little ears you'll ever see. Their ears are so pretty...why punch a hole through them? But...vanity and girlhood prevails and to Abby Sue's delight she was inducted into the "ears pierced" club yesterday. The best part was when the first hole went in the gun actually got a bit stuck in her ear, so it hurt more than usual. "Oooo, oo,, let me take a breather here before you do the other one if you don't mind!" Abby Sue responded. What we do for beauty is beyond me sometimes...still I have to admit her perfect ears do look spectacular. (Pictures coming soon!)


  1. How exciting! I asked to have my ears pierced for my birthday when I was four. Somebody I knew must of had them. It would be a hard decision to make! Especially with those perfect ears. I understand:)

  2. She showed them to me this morning...very cute sparkly flowers...then she made sure to tell me that it hurt to have it done. I love that girl.