Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can't wait.

Aaron comes home from Shanghai tonight..where he has been for just over a week. He flies away a lot which is always hard on him and us.

Zibby just adores her Daddy, and when I told her this morning that he was coming home tonight, she could barely contain her joy.

When I called the kids out to eat dinner she wouldn't sit down, she kept saying, "Daddy is coming...he will be here for dinner."

Then when I put her to bed she told me again, "Daddy is coming home for me."

A little while after I tucked her in and went down stairs I could heard a plane fly over our house.


Obviously shouting out her bedroom window into the summer night....ready and waiting for Daddy to come home.

And I thought to myself, I want to be waiting with all that joy and expectation for Jesus.

Thanks for the lesson little sister.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A good way to look at it..

I signed up the girls for gymnastics at our nearby YMCA...and needless to say they are very excited.

Among Abigail's many talents, I have to admit...tumbling isn't one of them, but she has had her heart set on the sport for so long and now that we have a place nearby to take her I'm excited to let her give it a try.

I bought the girls coordinating leotards at Target today and before I even pulled into the garage, Abigail was outta the car..flying upstairs...stripping off clothes along the way...and getting into that leotard asap.

I came upstairs just in time to see her sprint into our bedroom, fly though the air and fling her body (all legs, arms, & feet) over in the attempt to do a cartwheel.

Total all over her face...and the biggest grin...

"Well, I guess I have a lot of work ahead of me!" she said.

Gosh..I love that girl.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friends & Fun in the City

It has been such a blessing to have company from Oregon, especially while Aaron is so far away...God's perfect timing! I feel loved.
The "Nuks" & The Koch's!
Ben & his buddy Tyler enjoying a ride on the T....(America's first subway system!)
We finally got the chance to ride on the famous Swan Boats...(Make Way for Ducklings)
Boston Common Frog Pond

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


New back to school shopping tradition...go out to lunch together.

I loved having chicken noodle soup and warm sourdough bread together at a yummy bakery in the middle of a busy day. (it was pouring outside)

"....mmmm, I feel just right." (what Abby Sue said as we headed back out to the car.)

"...I could just sit back and relax here for a little while." (Ben, while sipping hot cocoa)

Sweet Zibby did manage to spill her drink...that has become a tradition of ours also these days.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A copy of the email I sent to my husband tonight...

Been thinking about you all day and really feel heartsick having you so far...I keep looking at the clock wondering when that plane will land...just 3 more hours, yikes! we all had a wonderful day together, but missed you terribly. Our kids were just crazy at dinner...Zibby spilled her water on poor Jenn because she had a "fit of rage" over the size of her cup in comparison to ours. Abigail licked the top of the salt shaker in front of the horrified waitress...and Ben and I both spilled our waters all over the table too. It took Zibby four trips to the bathroom to go poop and then when she finally did we got back to her seat and said, "i has to go pee pee." The food was amazing when it arrived..over an hour after we ordered! good grief....thankfully the P's are super cool and we all had a good laugh over it, good thing since I was on the verge of tears:) Sooo, we missed you tonight. It really was a good day. I love having them here, they are so awesome! Well, I better get some sleep. Love you and be sure to email when you land. love, love, love you~me


Because I have three healthy, beautiful kids who truly love each other.

Because I can be home with them.

Because these three kids make me stop and wonder.

Because we can afford to feed them, clothe them, give them clean water, and tuck them into a clean bed every night.

Because they have a Dad who won't abandon them.

And...because even when they very naughty and mommy has to spank tiny bottom cheeks in a public restroom...they learn.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Normalcy is underrated...

We had a wonderful time with Grampa & Nana...who blessed us with their company for the past week and a half. And we can't wait for our Oregon friends, the Palanuks, to come and spend time with us this week and next. Company...friendship...conversation...craziness, and endless fun are all things that we treasure, especially now, being so far from home.

But, I have to say, we have yet to really feel settled...or the comfort of any routine at all. Life is different everyday...Aaron actually leaves for China this Saturday, I will be blessed to have company, schools starts on September first, and shortly after that our precious Elizabeth will be undergoing a surgery to remove her tonsils, adenoids, and getting tubes in her poor ears. (she has sleep apnea and hearing loss because of the way everything is shaped inside her little's genetic..thanks daddy & gramma!)

After all that life still looks like days of crazy (lots more traveling), when a day like today comes along I just want to soak it in.

The kids have been playing outside in the woods...lost in their own little make believe worlds. They ate lunch together on the (thicker, greener) grass. We are all making plans for a tree house and secret pathways in our forest. We have time for naps...healthy meals...reading, playing in the kitchen sink (Zibby's favorite thing to do!)...and just enjoying a lazy summer day.

These kind of days are fewer and far between, but it makes me treasure them more.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A day to celebrate being 9 years old

She wanted a "peace & pets" cake...(this is as close as it gets girl!)
We love spending time with Nana & Grampa.
She was so cute, making sure everyone of us was having a fun day too.
Providence, Rhode Island...she was so surprised to have cake twice!
Her new doll and matching jammies...such a sweet girl.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Girl

The daughter who made me a mommy turns nine years old tomorrow. She is getting ready to be a fourth grader. I remember fourth grade. I was in a new town, at a new school...starting a new life, just like Abigail.

She isn't a little girl anymore...even though I hate to admit it. I can see it in her face, I can hear it in her words...I notice it in the way tucks her hair behind her ear when she orders her food at a restaurant.

Even though she is becoming a little woman I can also see that she is just as unique and joyful since that first day nine years ago when she came into the world, welcomed with a thunderstorm (that knocked out all power in the hospital!)

I knew then what I know now...this is no ordinary girl.

And I still wonder at how much my life has changed because of her.

I realize that now...the love that He has poured into her genuine heart will be changing lives for the rest of her life.

It's a little cliche...but true....she is like sunshine.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey...who says you can't dream, right!?

Here is a copy (word for word) of Abby Sue's birthday "wish list"....

My B-Day List:

Sock Monkey
Roller Skates
Ginnie Pig
Minny surf board
American Girl Doll
Family to come out
Bean Bag Chair
Pillow Pet
Make Up
Life is Good stuff
Watch fixed
Art set
French Hat
Go to theme parks

(my favorite is "french hat"...seriously..where does she come up with this stuff!...I wanted to say, "Are you sure there isn't anything else?" hilarous! Keep dreamin' sweet girl!)