Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Girl

The daughter who made me a mommy turns nine years old tomorrow. She is getting ready to be a fourth grader. I remember fourth grade. I was in a new town, at a new school...starting a new life, just like Abigail.

She isn't a little girl anymore...even though I hate to admit it. I can see it in her face, I can hear it in her words...I notice it in the way tucks her hair behind her ear when she orders her food at a restaurant.

Even though she is becoming a little woman I can also see that she is just as unique and joyful since that first day nine years ago when she came into the world, welcomed with a thunderstorm (that knocked out all power in the hospital!)

I knew then what I know now...this is no ordinary girl.

And I still wonder at how much my life has changed because of her.

I realize that now...the love that He has poured into her genuine heart will be changing lives for the rest of her life.

It's a little cliche...but true....she is like sunshine.


  1. Thank you Lord for our children and the joy they bring into our hearts. We are forever changed by these precious gifts! Thanks for posting that great picture of ADORABLE buns!

  2. Amen Des! (I know those buns are just so pinch-able right!)