Thursday, August 26, 2010

A good way to look at it..

I signed up the girls for gymnastics at our nearby YMCA...and needless to say they are very excited.

Among Abigail's many talents, I have to admit...tumbling isn't one of them, but she has had her heart set on the sport for so long and now that we have a place nearby to take her I'm excited to let her give it a try.

I bought the girls coordinating leotards at Target today and before I even pulled into the garage, Abigail was outta the car..flying upstairs...stripping off clothes along the way...and getting into that leotard asap.

I came upstairs just in time to see her sprint into our bedroom, fly though the air and fling her body (all legs, arms, & feet) over in the attempt to do a cartwheel.

Total all over her face...and the biggest grin...

"Well, I guess I have a lot of work ahead of me!" she said.

Gosh..I love that girl.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love her too, that is great! Did you wet your pants? I would have!

  2. it was soooo funny des...and yes...i almost peed my pants!