Saturday, August 21, 2010

A copy of the email I sent to my husband tonight...

Been thinking about you all day and really feel heartsick having you so far...I keep looking at the clock wondering when that plane will land...just 3 more hours, yikes! we all had a wonderful day together, but missed you terribly. Our kids were just crazy at dinner...Zibby spilled her water on poor Jenn because she had a "fit of rage" over the size of her cup in comparison to ours. Abigail licked the top of the salt shaker in front of the horrified waitress...and Ben and I both spilled our waters all over the table too. It took Zibby four trips to the bathroom to go poop and then when she finally did we got back to her seat and said, "i has to go pee pee." The food was amazing when it arrived..over an hour after we ordered! good grief....thankfully the P's are super cool and we all had a good laugh over it, good thing since I was on the verge of tears:) Sooo, we missed you tonight. It really was a good day. I love having them here, they are so awesome! Well, I better get some sleep. Love you and be sure to email when you land. love, love, love you~me

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