Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My "Matthew Cuthbert"

Aaron's Dad was my "Matthew Cuthbert".

Anne of Green Gables has long been a favorite read of mine and although Anne is easily the heroine of the story, and some might think Gilbert Blythe the hero, I have often thought differently.

The quiet and reserved bachelor brother to spinster sister Marilla Cuthbert, plays out the hero of this tale to me.

Matthew, the quiet farmer who becomes, to orphaned Anne Shirley, a devoted and loving parent.

Who else but Matthew understands Anne's longing for "puffed sleeves"?

Who else but Matthew understands first that providence made the mistake of sending the Cuthbert's a girl instead of a boy.

And who else but Matthew tugs at our heartstrings more when he passes away in Anne's arms with the words, "...you'll always be my little girl."

There is just something about quiet people that makes us listen to them more.

And that was Aaron's dad to me.

Dad was easy to be around and didn't really raise his voice at anything except for the Beavers when they were losing. Dad hated that.

Dad could not get enough of his grand kids. He would always be ready to hold them, hang them upside down, our twist them into pretzels. And the kids loved him for it.

Dad had his own chair and was almost always found reading a book in it. Ben is just like him in that way.

Dad loved his wife and his son something fierce.

Dad never complained.

"love suffers long and is kind..." that's Dad in a nutshell.

On the day that Aaron and I were married, after we kissed and made our way down those steps to our parents, Dad hugged me close and held on for a bit, then looked me at me with joyful tears and with that quiet voice whispered, "I finally have the daughter I've always wanted."

I was blessed to be Paul's daughter for almost 16 years.

Thank you for loving me dad, and for living out what love means.

I will always miss you.

Grandpa and Ben