Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Grump Freckle

Me: "You know Zibby, if you keep carrying on like that you are going to end up with a Grump Freckle."

Zibby: (now quiet as a lamb...eyes wide) "What's a Grump Freckle?"

Me: "Well, I just brushed the beginnings of one off of your forehead. It's a big, black, freckle that pops up in between your eyes. It starts growing on children over six years old who decide to throw temper tantrums and be naughty to their parents."

Zibby: "I'm over six years old!"

Me: "Yes....I would calm down if I were you."

Zibby: "Does it hurt?"

Me: "No, it just starts growing long hairs out of it the worse you behave."

Zibby: "Did you ever get one?"

Me: "Oh yes, I was a terrible tantrum thrower at your age...very naughty you know."

Zibby: "Well, how did it go away?"

Me: "The only cure for a Grump Freckle is true and genuine laughter. When you laugh from your heart it just disappears."

Zibby: "I never want one of those."

Me: "I'm sure you don't need to worry about it. stopped having your tantrum quick as a wink just now. You know how to control yourself."

Zibby: "Yes...(rubbing her forehead)....I do. But, the Grump Freckle real?"

Me: "Maybe the Grump Freckle is real, maybe it's more like a fairy tale, I don't know. But I do know that when I'm grumpy my heart feels like it's getting one...and the only one that can take care of a grumpy heart is Jesus. Just talk to Him about it."

Zibby: "Yes,  I will...I'm not taking any chances."

Me and my Girl....Grump Freckle Free

Thursday, September 19, 2013


 the inseparables 
 Mamo & Papo's 63rd anniversary....with all eight great grandchildren!
 Pacific Crest Weekend...Daddy Duathalon
 Mommy Marathon
 Game night
 Coffin Mountain...Oregon bliss
 Our place in Seattle
 Ben the Man
Our Sunshine
 Flower Child
 These two turned 16 & 12!
 Off to Summer Camp
 Our third Cascade Lakes Relay
 Backpacking Adventure with our favorites
 Smiles before  34 miles, blisters, and being attacked by wild bees...can't wait to do it again!

And school begins again.

From June through September....

That equates to only three months on our calendar.

How can that be?

I'm forcing my fingers to tap away at these little black buttons, trying to form words from all these letters that might bring to light the way our family is growing and learning together.

Summertime was here....right?

I remember long light...and starry night.

I know that there were sunburns and sand castles,

Swimming holes and crawdad hunts,

endless berries and bee stings,

bare feet and summer camp,

birthday candles and barbecues.

I know that everything promised and hoped for in summertime happened here,

everything and more.

But, I want our kids to read this when they are older and remember something else;

This was not a "normal" summertime and my heart has struggled through the trials He has walked us through.

Abigail, Benjamin, and Elizabeth....We are so proud of you.

You have welcomed change with open arms and taught us how to love, how to forgive, and how to share with a smile.

I know that having another family in our home has been a treasure to each of you, but I can also see that it has taken it's toll on your little hearts.

We want to shield you from the realities of life....but the fact of the matter is...

real life is not pretty.

Real life is painful and even (at times) ugly.

We could've chosen to keep you safe from seeing this for the 18 years that we have you under our wings...but when the time comes for you to spread your wings we want you soaring strong and wise not just pure and sweet.

You three have made our hearts take flight.

I hope that you will look back at this summertime and think of it as a kind of crossroads....

when our family decided to be uncomfortable for the sake of Love.