Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Grump Freckle

Me: "You know Zibby, if you keep carrying on like that you are going to end up with a Grump Freckle."

Zibby: (now quiet as a lamb...eyes wide) "What's a Grump Freckle?"

Me: "Well, I just brushed the beginnings of one off of your forehead. It's a big, black, freckle that pops up in between your eyes. It starts growing on children over six years old who decide to throw temper tantrums and be naughty to their parents."

Zibby: "I'm over six years old!"

Me: "Yes....I would calm down if I were you."

Zibby: "Does it hurt?"

Me: "No, it just starts growing long hairs out of it the worse you behave."

Zibby: "Did you ever get one?"

Me: "Oh yes, I was a terrible tantrum thrower at your age...very naughty you know."

Zibby: "Well, how did it go away?"

Me: "The only cure for a Grump Freckle is true and genuine laughter. When you laugh from your heart it just disappears."

Zibby: "I never want one of those."

Me: "I'm sure you don't need to worry about it. stopped having your tantrum quick as a wink just now. You know how to control yourself."

Zibby: "Yes...(rubbing her forehead)....I do. But, the Grump Freckle real?"

Me: "Maybe the Grump Freckle is real, maybe it's more like a fairy tale, I don't know. But I do know that when I'm grumpy my heart feels like it's getting one...and the only one that can take care of a grumpy heart is Jesus. Just talk to Him about it."

Zibby: "Yes,  I will...I'm not taking any chances."

Me and my Girl....Grump Freckle Free

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