Monday, June 6, 2016

Yes, it's sad but true...our family blog that has been found here for the past seven years has come to a close...but a new chapter has begun!

When I told Aaron that I wrapped up the family blog and that I was taking a long break from Facebook and Instagram he was like, "Why!?"

But when I explained the reasons and my plan he understood and smiled.

So, as mentioned in the last post...It's impossible for me to stop writing and journaling. I'm just going to be writing and journaling in a different place.

I feel like we have kind of transitioned form our younger days to our middle days and I feel like  that deserves a new chapter..well, a whole new book I guess.

If you are one of the few and faithful who have had kept up with us through the years here then you might enjoy my new place to write:

it's our own website of sorts and will be full of photos, thoughts, poems, ramblings, and more adventures as we journey through this crazy thing called "life" together.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

old cabins



I've been thinking for some time about how and when I would wrap up this little family blog of thoughts and events. I guess it can't go on forever. Life is always changing and challenging and giving us opportunity for growth.

Aaron and I were watching a program the other night. It was about people who live in the most remote areas of Alaska. A family featured was preparing to burn down their first cabin they had built in the woods. They lived in this cabin for over thirty years. They raised their children in this cabin. They built this cabin with their own hands. And yet they were preparing to set the whole place on fire.


Why not leave it for memories. It wasn't hurting anyone. They had built a new cabin not far from the existing one. They lived hundreds of miles from civilization. Why burn down a cabin that wasn't in the way of anything?

Their explanation left an impression on me.

They wanted to give room for the forest to grow again in place of where they had built their home.

They had no need for the home any longer but the forest had need to grow.

To them it was their responsibility to make space instead of take up space.

They filled the cabin with tree limbs and brush, covered the entire pile with gasoline and threw in a match.

They held each other as they watched it go up in flames.

They wept together.

I have never seen anyone intentionally set fire to their home.

To us, its unfathomable.

But to them it was giving opportunity for growth.


Don't worry, I'm not setting fire to any houses!

But, it made me search my heart a bit.

What do I hold on to that is getting in the way of a new work in my life?

Is the forest of my heart being overrun with old cabins?

Are these getting in the way of new trees?

Am I willing to let the old things go to make way for the new?

Back to this little blog...a sort of cabin I've come to write in for almost seven years now.

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to record bits and pieces of our life and thoughts here.

But, I think it's time to wrap it up and make way for some new growth.

It's strange to say goodbye...sad really. This was always meant to be a journal of family life but over the years it involved into a way to communicate my heart. These words were meant for the kids to look back on in their future but some of you friends and family have come along this journey with me and I thank you for it. Your encouragement and sympathy, laughter and love along the way of these young mama years have been like water to my soul. Thank you.

I hope to keep writing...I hope to always write. Taking down this "blog cabin" is bittersweet.
But, I look forward to the forest full of life that will grow in it's place.