Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Normalcy is underrated...

We had a wonderful time with Grampa & Nana...who blessed us with their company for the past week and a half. And we can't wait for our Oregon friends, the Palanuks, to come and spend time with us this week and next. Company...friendship...conversation...craziness, and endless fun are all things that we treasure, especially now, being so far from home.

But, I have to say, we have yet to really feel settled...or the comfort of any routine at all. Life is different everyday...Aaron actually leaves for China this Saturday, I will be blessed to have company, schools starts on September first, and shortly after that our precious Elizabeth will be undergoing a surgery to remove her tonsils, adenoids, and getting tubes in her poor ears. (she has sleep apnea and hearing loss because of the way everything is shaped inside her little's genetic..thanks daddy & gramma!)

After all that life still looks like days of crazy (lots more traveling), when a day like today comes along I just want to soak it in.

The kids have been playing outside in the woods...lost in their own little make believe worlds. They ate lunch together on the (thicker, greener) grass. We are all making plans for a tree house and secret pathways in our forest. We have time for naps...healthy meals...reading, playing in the kitchen sink (Zibby's favorite thing to do!)...and just enjoying a lazy summer day.

These kind of days are fewer and far between, but it makes me treasure them more.

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  1. so sorry about zibbs, i will be praying for her. Also I was just thiking today that it is time for you guys to come back and then I remembered this is your journey and to not be selfish in wishing you were here, I do so hope you find normal soon over there, it is not fun to always be off kilter. Love you friend!