Tuesday, May 18, 2010

restaurants, empty house days, hotel hospital, & fluffernutters

Making their own pizzas on mother's day
My little helpers
Lunch on the back porch
"Hotel Hospital"
Ben approves of the popular NewEngland fluffernutter sandwich.


  1. Jenn, I feel very privileged to have been given access to the intrigacies of your family's life. The sad thing for me is that we lived next door together for five years and I never really got to know you. Just so you know, I think that you are an amazing mother who has raised amazing chidren with such incredible individual spirits. Miss not having your family next door. Happy that your new home has such welcoming people which should help with the homesickness. People come into your life for a reason. Thanks for coming into mine. Luanne

  2. Luanne~ thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me. I also admire you and have often thought how much alike we are. I wish I made myself come over to visit more often. I let life get in the way, which makes me sad. Please remember that you & Matthew are welcome to visit us out here anytime...we would love to have you!