Sunday, May 2, 2010

We did it!

Des..those "Mom Squad" sweatbands rocked...the kids looked so awesome! Abby Sue...the necklace you made for me is a treasure forever. Thank you.
It says "Finisher"...I've been wearing a lot today...not gonna lie:)

It's finally sinking in. I finished a marathon today! But, it goes deeper than that. God started something in me 16 weeks ago, and through miles of (sometimes less than glorious) training , He spoke to my heart, in His quiet way. He rebuked me, chastened me, encouraged me, and whispered words of love to me.

Today was hard. It was a long way to run. The finish line just couldn't come soon enough, but when I realized that I would finish...still running, my heart was overwhelmed. His presence, His power, His grace, they carried me through and filtered over me when I crossed that line.

I lifted up hands of praise to Him. He made me. I run because He gave me two good legs and also because I just love to see His strength glorified through humility.

I are we ever going to see the "all things" we can do through His strength unless we take the first step...which I'm learning is the hardest.

p.s. Thank you, Aaron, Abby Sue, Ben, Elizabeth, Mom, Dad, Des, Kari, and made my day!


  1. Awesome Jenn! I am so proud of you. I love how this race for you was not about "I ran a marathon" it was a "spiritual journey" instead. Thank you for sharing this journey with us! Honestly, even though this was about a marathon and training and praising God through the pain and through the weakness and through the desire to stop at the side of the road and say "I quit", it so mirrors daily life sometimes doesn't it. Your focus on what is meaningful everyday is inspirational. I have a three year old talking to me and B just pooped his pants. LOL! I hope I am sounding coherent. Love you dear Sister!!

  2. WOW! That is just so awesome!

  3. thanks for sharing your journey with us all, it was super cool to watch you finish!

  4. I'm so glad we could be there to watch you cross the finish line. Amazing.

  5. Congrats Friend!!! I wish I would have come down and seen that glorious finishing moment! There were many christians running that race with you.. we know a handful of friends from church that made it through too :) Hope all your goodbyes bring tears, laughter and joy. How beautiful the love of Christ is among brethren! Enjoy the East Coast! Big Hugs!!!!