Tuesday, December 4, 2012

you can't always get what you want

Zibby is always trying to straighten her hair.

I had no idea that a five year old would even notice that her hair was curly.

She does.

When her smooth headed cousins come to visit, I see her trying to tame those ringlets.

But that hair is about as stubborn as the girl who wears them.

So, tonight when she got out of the shower, she tried the new brush I bought on those unruly curls.

She must've brushed it for almost ten minutes, willing her hair to lay down flat against her face and shoulders.

And it worked, for a minute.

She comes running.

"Mommy, who do I look like! Who do I look like?"

I was stumped.

"I look like an eight year old." She runs over to the big window to catch her reflection. "See, I look like Lily!" (Her very straight haired 9 year old cousin.)

But all that I could see was that one ringlet popping back into place, framing her elfin face.

"You look perfect." I smiled.

Maybe one day she'll appreciate that hair of hers.

Because Mommy loves it.

as straight as it gets...
and those curls. 

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