Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Dance

Kaeleigh loved this dress...but not the price.
AbbySue all dolled up at Claire's....we ended up with the scarf.

Last Saturday my beautiful niece, Kaeleigh, Auntie Angel, AbbySue, and I took a trip up to Washington Square. Kaeleigh invited us to go shopping. We were on a find the perfect dress for her first dance. Yes, a McNary High School! She is a freshman and it's Snowball time. This is the dance when the girl invites the boy. She asked Grant Eckelman. Yep, our fire juggling, roof jumping, camping buddy...who is now a sophomore! The whole thing is just mind boggoling. How did these kids get this big? Well, it turned out to be a perfect day together. Kaeleigh found her dress (very Taylor Swift she says), and very ladylike. Her goal was to spend $25 on a dress so she could save the rest to get a new pair of TOMS shoes to match...and darned if that girl did it. I have to say that our AbbySue was soaking it all in. I'm so thankful we arrived back home just in time for the first dance!

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  1. what a fun day full of memories!!! i love this!