Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cowboy Rising

He's listening to Country...only.

He's already gone up to Crooked Finger to go shootin'.

He looks genuinely joyful with a can of gun cleaner in his hands.

He haunts Wilco and Coastal Farm.

He gravitates towards all things Carhartt.

He thought I might like a pair of Wranglers.

Who is this Cowboy on the pillow next to me?


  1. If you have 1 acre of open space, you can have a horse....just sayin'!

  2. Hey Jennipher - I hear that your Cowboy likes Carhartt? Send us an email to contact@Coastalfarm.com and we will send you a $50 Gift Card to buy him some for Christmas :)

  3. Oh funny! I love it! Tell Aaron we like country too.

  4. I have to tell you how much i have been singing "he's gone country! look at them boots" i expect full attire on Saturday!

  5. Well sounds like the boy is back in Silverton. Love you guys! :)