Friday, November 11, 2011

New England

"Don't cry because it's because it happened." ~Dr. Suess

Which is weird to me because I cried when I got here....I cried for months. And then these people...these harsh as your winter people....they got to me. They creeped up on me like your spring. And before I realized what was happening, they felt as warm as one of your perfect summer days out at the cape. And now I hate to go....I hate to just fly away like your autumn leaves. It feels like surrender. And I pray for my new friends. I know they don't need us, but they need Him. The truth is, He will stay here, like my tulips. Those bulbs of faith will make their way up through once frozen ground. He will see to it.

And I will try to smile.


  1. Isn't it amazing how that works? I know you planted bulbs in their hearts as well<3 You radiate Jesus and your time there was a part of His plan to bring others to Himself. Have a safe and happy move!

  2. I can completely understand. Esp "these harsh as your winter people". We don't have winter here, but .. man.. I have met some pretty unkind people!
    So blessed for you.. He will comfort and guide you each step of the way.
    If Sean finds a job that way we may be returning someday to the west coast ourselves. I'll miss the fact that we won't be in the same time zone again.
    Blessings and love dear friend. HAVE FUN!