Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The tricks on you!

This was the first year I handed the carving knives to AbbySue & Ben and let them have at took them all afternoon, but I think they did a great job! (AbbySue~kitty Ben~Scarface)

"Mom, my hands are freezing!" (The pumpkins were practically frozen)
Zibby loved taking out the guts!
Trick or Treat!We found Dot and at a neighbors house...Zibby decided to carry her all the way home.
Check out the snow banks!
Zibby refused to wear tights or socks...she had little pink shoes on that filled with snow...candy over pain when you are four years old.
Ben~Dr. Metal Eye (He usually comes up with his own characters) AbbySue~ Ben's creation...some kind of Frankenstein-girl & Zibby~ Belle...again.

The city of Franklin tried to postpone Halloween.'s been a rough week for much of the state. Power outages forced school closures. In fact, Jefferson Elementary was being used as a shelter. It was cold, especially for those without heat! Our neighborhood was one of the few that fared well (we payed our no-power dues when Irene hit!). So, when Halloween arrived, we carved our frozen pumpkins, bundled up, and trudged through the snow for trick or treats.

It felt more like Christmas...trick and treat!

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