Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mile 26.2

It's beyond the exhaustive mile 20.

You hear the crowds cheering.

You realize that you are almost there.

Your doubts become the earth beneath your feet,

And you run,


Because in your nothing left,

Hope Prevails.

In that single mile moment, you understand why you would do it all over again,

with all the pain and struggle,

you would trudge through all of this again for that

Finish Line feeling;

The searing pain of bearing down and pushing life from life,

The day that brings new love between two hearts once torn apart,

The hellos that bring goodbyes too soon and memories that transform your point of view,

All of these hard things,

becoming the best things....

that's Mile 26.2

(pictured above: Daddy running the last mile with AbbySue)


  1. Welcome Home, Jenn. Hope to see your sweet faces soon!

  2. Love the the the you.