Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Understanding Happy

It has taken me eleven years to understand Happy.
I know what it is now.
(I should've known the day you were born...smiling.)
And I know why it's misunderstood.

AbbySue will never dress in black.
Depression is afraid of her.
The skeptic will misunderstand her.
The envious will label her.
Educators will misjudge her.
And her peers will cross their arms, shaking their heads at her colorful socks, her un-inhibted laugh, her eagerness to share, her ready embrace....they will say that she is weird.


It is a little weird that a single human soul could truly be this;


So yesterday, when meanness tried to apologize and you so clearly had already forgiven...grown ups dropped their jaws at you....

"Don't worry." you said. "This is part of being a kid. We can work it all out. It's water under the bridge!"

You out-shined mean.

How can someone like that be un-happy?

This weird world can take a lesson from you sweet girl.

Your Mom & Dad are proud.

5 years

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