Tuesday, October 16, 2012

on finding a craft that does not involve counting

It's called needle felting and in case you are like me and become easily distracted by crafts that require patterns or counting this one might be for you. I read a little bit online about how it's done and then decided to give it a go. This little bird was made over the weekend, usually in the evening while cozied on the couch next to the hubby watching Doc Martin.

I had a bag of roving (wool) that I had bought and divided along with a few friends at the end of spring, but it sat waiting until the rains kept me inside long enough to sit down and do something besides digging in the dirt with these hands of mine.

At first the wool just looks like a blob while you poke away at it with (a very sharp) felting needle.

"ouch! ouch!" (me)

"What in the world are you doing?" (him)

"I'm making a bird. Do you think it looks like a bird yet?" (me)

"Maybe." (him)

poke, poke, poke....

2 days later on the couch in evening.

"How a 'bout now? A bird?"


So, I guess I found a crafty thing I enjoy.

Now, to find some protection for my poor fingers.


  1. Looks great! Glad you are making use of the roving. I am pondering my next needle felting project.

  2. ok so we tried doc martin. I was falling asleep. maybe i was too tired. do you think we should give it a second try? i think sean liked it.
    very cute bird jen- i would be interested in seeing it done.