Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I almost forgot how to blog...

Wait a minute! What!? It's already October? Holy cow. I feel like I'm in a fast forward version of life. I have never been so busy...ever. Where has the time gone...

Well, let's begin with their first day of school...back at "better than ever Evergreen." Just two minutes down the road, we are blessed with our tiny, country K-8 public school, surrounded on all sides by gold fields and sprawling farms. Their teachers are imaginative, challenging, loving, and fun. I have the opportunity to help out on Thursdays in Zibby's class and drop in on the other two whenever I feel the need. We love our school. We are so grateful to be back.

I could go on forever about other moments that He has given us... my daughters with their "heidi braids" and dirndls at Oktoberfest, our music lessons on the Abiqua with Miss Miriam, Ben fencing Epee league and our Thursday drives down Sunnyview into Salem together, Zibby's third year dancing her heart out at ballet, AbbySue horseback riding under the sunny oak trees of Canyonview on a autumn afternoon, our small town homecoming parade and the Evergreen Eagles Avengers float (that, I must add, won first place....the kids won't let us forget), the annual "Evergreen Dessert Social" where our community of parents "Simply Gave" to their beloved school in the "shed" that Rachael and I decocrated to hearts content, celebrating "Hobbit Day" with our Lord of the Rings friends (thank you Buckouts), Sunday sunrise drives to lead worship and fellowship at our church, and the list goes on and on....just like so many families at this season of life, we are blessedly busy!

Some of my favorite moments as of late have been when Aaron and I head out to work in the "yard". I use the term loosely...the truth is, our property can be a huge amount of work. Our hands are growing thick with callouses as we work side by side...no joke...chopping fire wood, hacking out old trees, making burn piles, and building compost, feeding the chickens, and all the time laughing at the fact that we don't know what the heck we are doing! Trail by fire I guess. We like to think that by the time our grand kids are around we just might have this place under control. Ha!

My heart has so much to say...and I know there will time provided to share more of those deep things that the Lord has been lovingly teaching us. One word that He has been speaking to me in the midst of this hurry is "Contentment". It's a treasure trove of blessing when we decide to apply it liberally to every moment of this life He gives.

...but there must always be time to play.  We take it seriously around these parts.

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  1. your kids need to encourage mine in their chickasaw heritage!
    so blessed we got to share that sunny hobbit day with you. i have to see the pictures with their muddy feet! :)
    thank you for the bday love.
    oh, so glad you recommended the book by robin jones gunn. i used to love her fiction series. she is a very "easy read" author :)
    looking forward to meeting up again friend.