Wednesday, September 5, 2012

what an imagination will do for you...

"Mom, sometimes I imagine my life as a story. It's like I can see all the things that happen to me written out in a book. Sometimes when I'm doing something dangerous...I can see it in words and slow motion. And if I think that I might die while doing that dangerous thing...I see the words at the end of the chapter saying, "Is this the The End of Ben?..."

Funniest kid ever!

I just don't know if I always want to know the dangerous thing that he might be doing.

The always adventurous Ben as McGyver 
(this photo cracks me up on a number of levels!) 


  1. Whoa disco really is alive! :)

  2. absolutely LOVE your family. had to read that one to sean! so funny.. i can see why him and elijah get along so well. :)