Friday, October 19, 2012

Fourth Grade Politics

"So, Ben, how is the campaign going?" (me)
(Ben is running for class Vice President at the request of his classmates.)

"Pretty good I'd say." (him)

"So, who are you running against?"(me)

"My friend Austin." (him)

"Oh. Who do you think will win?"(me)

"Well, Austin told me today, 'Ben, you better be ready, 'cuz you are going down!'" (him)

"What did you say?" (me, laughing)

"I said, Yah...maybe. But be careful...'pride goeth before a fall you know.'" (him, nonchalantly) 

Ben, you never cease to amaze me. 

Hilarious boy. 


  1. That's my Ben!!! And I'm sure we will need to fix him a charcuterie plate and a glass of sparkling cider to celebrate. Love this boy.