Tuesday, November 6, 2012

on justice for all...

"Who do we vote for? Why do we vote? Does my vote matter? What are you and Dad...Republican or Democrat?"

The influence we have on the opinions and convictions of our children cannot be taken lightly.

This morning we prayed,

"Lord, thank you for our country. Thank you for our freedoms. Thank you for the faith of our forefathers. Thank you for the men and women who have given their lives for liberty and justice for all. Lord, today is in Your hands. We ask that you would direct the hearts of our country to their knees. We ask that you would appoint the leader for our nation that You will. We know that all things are in your hands and that You are working it all together for Your perfect plan. You are in control. Thank you for that knowledge and peace...even when it's hard to know who or what to vote for. You are God. ~Amen."

Aaron and I are registered to different political parties, but agree on most issues. We want the kids to grow with an independence of opinion that is first and foremost surrendered to the convictions that they have been given through the Spirit of God.

I'll be honest...both candidates are not my first choice, but...

 I will not let that stop me from voting. 

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