Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Pancakes & A Family Tree

This St. Patrick's Day Hat has been lovingly worn on all three leprechauns for the past 5 years. (AbbySue~5)

Mmmmm....the traditional green pancakes. (this year)
Okay...this old photo of Zibby cracks me up on a number of levels...first of all she has a huge bump on her head from when she flew off the tire swing and hit a tree root while mommy wasn't paying attention, secondly, the look on her face, "Am I supposed to eat this!?" But, the best part by attempt at a "shamrock" pancake...are you kidding me!?
Green pancakes just before Zibby was born.

The year of the "shamrock" pancake.
This sweet AbbySue head to toe in green...well, almost, she incorporated orange in honor of the Irish flag.
yep, more green pancakes.

Okay kids, just so you know....(because you asked),

Daddy is German & Hungarian, so we dress up on Oktoberfest in our dirndls & lederhosen,
we eat sausages, sauerkraut, & drink beer. We eat paprikash & kolachies at Christmastime, and say "Prost!" when we toast.

Mommy is Irish. I'm sure mommy is other things too, but from what I gather we are Irish and a bit Welsh. So, we have a family shortbread recipe, wear kelly green on St.Patty's day, eat green pancakes in the morning, have an assortment of meat pies for dinner, & drink beer. "Slainte!"

All of these places that our grandparents parents sailed away from to start a new life in America make us who we are drinkers..."Cheers!"

Here are all the family names I know of that belong to you:

Koch (Austrian/German)
Schmidt (German)
Jerry (Hungarian)

Dunn (Irish)
Harney (Irish)
Henderson (Welsh)
Wheatley (Welsh)

(you can see the whole kookie bunch decked out in our oktoberfest gear if you search the blog archive~it's under october 2009)


  1. O' Jenn I just have to say "nailed it" on that one pic of Zibby with the somewhat mishappen Shamrock pancake and green can also throw a little Alsace Lorraine in the mix so.....maybe a nice french Love Mom

  2. Mom~ I forgot...we are a little bit french...Ben will be so pleased. He just told me the other day that he can't be married in the back yard because he plans in getting married in Paris..."remember mom!?"