Thursday, March 29, 2012

$1.00 Royalty

Not too long ago the kids and I made a trip to The Dollar Tree. I needed to stock up on some gift wrap, so I let them each pick out a "treasure". Zibby took a while to settle on what she wanted. Hmmm...a pair of twin mermaids with neon green hair? Or, no, maybe that lovely hot pink wig, complete with silver sparkle weave. Wait a minute...there it is...yes, a crown adorned with sapphire stars, not to mention a two for one! It comes with clip on dangly earrings! Yes, that's what she was searching for all her life. On the ride home she kept the visor mirror open and was contiuosly distracted by such beauty.

"Finally I get a crown Mom." she says with relief.

The Princess of Quite A lot.

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