Monday, March 26, 2012

Barrett "Spielberg" Dunn

Barrett came to visit us all for spring break from Missouri. Auntie Jenn couldn't wait to wrap her arms around the first baby she saw come into this world...15 years ago!

Now Barrett is a teenager with a deep voice and the same warm smile.

I love this kid.

AbbySue, Ben, & Zibby happen to worship the ground that their cousin walks on...and for good reason.

Not only is Barrett a blast to be around he just so happens to be extremely good at film making. He has made a number of short films that the kids love to watch. It was their dream to be in one of his movies.

So, last Wednesday, Barrett surprised the kids and brought over his computer already to film a mock movie trailer.

Ben was the star, AbbySue was the assistant director and camera holder, Zibby helped with costumes, even Papa, Uncle Aaron, and Auntie Jenn got in on the action.

Thank you made a memory for the kids that they will never forget.

(note: the actual premise of the movie trailer is a little scary now that I look back on it...but, it's all in good theatrical fun...and the kids are great little actors I think!)


  1. barrett always loved being with his Auntie Jenn! There is one thing that would make this the BEST movie of ALL time, if Lorn, Audrey & I were there to have a role in it. We were so happy for Barrett to get to go to Oregon, but so sad it was just him going. Audrey said she thought she would be OK with Barrett going without her, but after seeing this trailer she really was bummed to not be there with Abby. Audrey said if she were to come next year she wants to be with Abby the whole time! We are already planning for both kids to come next year, Lord willing! Love and miss you!!!!!!!!!

  2. that was just what we were's not the same without all of you! We miss you so much. thanks for sharing Barrett with us. love you Audrey!

  3. The Cronin kids just watched the trailer and Darragh's response was "Can we watch the movie?" Kiara's response was to ask if there could be a part for her and to suggest that ketchup would have worked well on the girls. Please let us know when it is out in general release, you have a bunch of fans already lining up for it in Boston. So fun!