Tuesday, March 27, 2012

about fencing...

Ben with his class...(back row, farthest left)

If you have a son who has spent most of his childhood in the backyard with a stick fighting clone troopers, middle earth trolls, or even pesky sisters then you would understand me when I say that fencing is the best sport ever!

Ben has never really been that into throwing a ball around, which is completely fine with us. (yes, even his former NFL dad has never pushed the sports issue.)

We let Ben be who God made him to be. And we will always be his biggest fans.

But when we found out about Salem Classical Fencing we struck gold.

Ben loves it. He can't wait to practice. He even wants to get to class early to work on his technique. Fencing seems to fit his personality like a glove. It's an individual sport that takes concentration and the ability to "read" your opponent. And it's a blast to watch.

Honor, Chivalry, & Respect~ The Fencing Motto...

sounds good to me.

(Aaron's thankful Ben is into a sport that is a little easier on the body too...hopefully that means no arthritis at 34 years old.)

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