Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When it's Mommy's Birthday

Aaron gave me this balloon attached to "Burt's Bees" foot lotion. Guess who got a foot rub for her birthday while watching the season premier of Downton Abbey? (very creative gift honey....thank you:)
Hot pink icing, sprinkles, and my name written on it....thanks Mom. (I have no shame in saying that this has been my breakfast for the past two days...and it's been delicious.)
AbbySue made me this wreath....so lovely. Ben gave me a comic strip. And Zibby made me about 10 cards, including pictures of ice cream sundaes, birthday cakes, bicycles, and the entire alphabet.

Everyone was warming their hands by the glow of all my birthday candles. I may be older, but for some reason I feel younger than when I turned 19. Family singing, kids running all over the house, Tim Tebow & the Denver Broncos giving us all a reason to cheer....It was a great day.

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