Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time for Tea

It was just the girls and I yesterday. Ben was happy to play with his buddy Tyler all day...a welcome break from a house full of females I'm sure.

AbbySue and Zibby are six years apart. One is getting ready to leave the elementary years behind while the other is getting ready to start. One is baking cookies on her own in the kitchen, while the other can't keep her fingers out of the frosting. One loves a dress with as many frills as possible, while the other prefers jeans and a t-shirt. One is flying down the hill on her bike into town, while the other sticks to training wheels and the driveway.

I used to worry that they might struggle to be close because of the difference in age.

I was wrong.

It seems like the six years apart has created a relationship based on admiration on the part of Zibby and adoration on the part of AbbySue. (But, not without a little frustration on the part of both now and then.)

Sisters are a mystery to a mommy who grew up in-between two brothers.

I love to watch them...and find myself envying them a little now and then too.


  1. Warms the heart of this mama of 2 blonde girls 5 years apart...I already see some adoration and admiration between my girlies. Love.

  2. Wow! The girls are getting so grown up! They are as beautiful as ever - or more. I can't believe how AbbySue's hair has grown so long! It's gorgeous. Both of these two are so pretty! I noticed in the 3rd picture (Abby-profile) that she is looking a lot more like you there. Miss you guys! Hugs to all!

  3. thanks kim, they are getting big, it's fun and sad all at the same time. we miss you! wish you all could come over and play!