Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the chicken whisperer

While I was correcting schoolwork at my desk yesterday, I looked out from the window to check on the kids. I took note of Ben, crouched up in a tree, (which wasn't surprising in the least), but as I looked a little closer, I noticed that one of our chickens, the one we call "Star", was sitting up in that tree next to him. It appeared that they were deep in conversation. I can only imagine what one talks about with a hen. I later asked Ben if he followed the chicken up the tree, "Nope", he replied, "She was following me all over the yard, and then I climbed the tree, and she came right up too." I've never really heard of a chicken that acts like a dog, but, I have a feeling that "Star" may be spared the chopping block come spring.

1 comment:

  1. Jennipher, good luck with your training. So cute
    with Star going up the tree. I think he makes a
    great "pet". my younger days, I fostered
    5 chickens hatched at my kids country school in
    W. Salem...they all became pets and died of old age.
    :o) mm,vancouver,wa.