Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A time to play...

A neighbor asked me the other day when Ben was going to start playing football.

I guess Ben could be at baseball practice, or wrestling, maybe even playing lacrosse (a popular one here.)

The truth is, Ben only gets to be a kid once. In just a few short years he will begin to see himself in a different light.

For now the forest is full of trolls.

Today he can play with his piles of Lego's without looking at the clock once.

In the light of his eight year old eyes the world is full of endless wonder.

And so I ask myself, why waste all this precious time on a field full of limits, lines, and boundaries?

For now he hears the "call of the wild"....and I like it that way.


  1. So much better than any sport. I love it. He will have so many great memories from his childhood and all his adventures.

  2. We love what sports teach a kid, but that is only one of the many things kids need to learn. I am so happy to see someone else sees it has a positive thing that a kid can play without looking at a clock. I thought my health has kept my kids from doing so many things, but I see now it has kept them home playing with each other and God's great outdoors. Building redneck contraptions, designing clothing that works well with playing in the dirt, making movies and just plain sitting in the backyard doing homework without a care in the world! Those are the things that kids need to learn!