Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Favorites

A quiet afternoon with watercolors and my sweet girl.
A favorite vintage find...Little People, the way I remember them. (The kids love it!)
This dog, Lottie, has been a true blessing to every one of us Kookies.
Mamo's sugar cookies...made by Abby Sue this year.
Six Flags for spring vacation.
Cotton Candy Girl.
This place was so fun...rainy, but hey...we're Oregonians.
Dr. Suess was born in Springfield, Mass. The kids loved the sculpture garden.
With the Lorax.
Love these faces.
Aren't they beautiful? (thank you Grandpa for the vegetable oil idea!)


  1. THOSE cookies like crack. For reals.

  2. Kari I have made myself physically ill on these things at my mom's...lolololol