Tuesday, April 5, 2011

About running again...

Okay...so long story short here:

About a month an a half ago I slipped on the icy driveway and tweaked my lower back. (I mean so bad the kids had to pull me into the house.) I was scared. I was alone. I was hurt. I could not move without "tossing my cookies."

So, over the past few weeks, I was more focused on walking comfortably then training for a marathon.

Then, yesterday, I ran. In fact I ran for a long time.

It felt like I was flying.

Today I ran again...and although it wasn't pain-free, it was mentally liberating.

You may guess what I'm getting at here...

I decided, "You know what? I'm running that dang marathon. I'm running it even if I have to drag myself across that finish line. Forget about qualifying for Boston. Forget about even being anywhere near as fast as you were last year. Just pick up where you left off and run the race set before you girl!"

God gives, He takes away, and He gives again.

This song says it all for me:

So piece together these little mysteries
It isn't hard to see the writing on the wall
Triumph and tragedy, only God can be
Both the builder and the wrecking ball

Read more: JILL PHILLIPS - WRECKING BALL LYRICS http://www.metrolyrics.com/wrecking-ball-lyrics-jill-phillips.html#ixzz1IhjF0kDM
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  1. Like the wind dear daughter, like the wind............

  2. RUN JEN-NAY RUN JEN-NAY I am so happy for you. I wish that could be something we could do together, but this little body of mine would not have it, but your body does a great job at it!!!! When you want to workout to old 80's songs, that my body could do with you. I hope to see us when we are old and grey walking a marathon, OK me walking and you jogging, well most likely you will still be running at that age!