Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What fasting can do to a girl...

"Oh my gotta be kidding me. These are sooo good!"

This is what Zibby told me today after eating a Rice Krispie treat. She has been on a "no solids" diet for about a week now. I thought it was time to give her something more "substantial".

(Here is a picture of our no fear girl after she caught a grasshopper!)


  1. sister I hear ya! I felt that kind of love over my chocolate milkshake just the other day!

  2. That's my Zibby, those are one of Gramma's favorites in the whole wide world, rice krispy treats that is, not grasshoppers those are my most feared insect, Yuch!!!

  3. If I didn't know better, that would be you saying those exact words! I can hear it so clear!

    Do we get to see you at church this w/e? Have a safe trip!