Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another letter...

Everyone has their fair share of ups and downs. It's a dangerous game to compare...lives, marriages, children, bodies, houses, grocery lists, bank accounts, pain, illness, and so on. When we play that game we will only lose and will be left with a life full of condemnation & guilt.

Aaron and I have had our struggles and always will. Every marriage should. It's one of those ways that God refines us.

So today I wrote this little note to him...while he was at work. It was kind of an apology of sorts. He thought it was something I should share with my friends too.

I was just thinking....

I've been so self absorbed,

Prison wasn't exactly what saints like Paul, & Peter had in mind when they decided to put faith in God.

A stable and a cross most likely confused the heck out of Mary.

I'm sure that Abraham was full of question when he didn't have an heir, and then when he finally did, was asked to sacrifice him.

Building an ark for almost 100 years before any rain takes some serious faith too.

God's plans come wrapped in takes faith, fear, hope, and endurance to uncover the mystery.

So, I guess this speaks to my heart today.

I don't understand the "why's". Neither did all of these regular people.

They just walked by faith.

From our marriage, to our kids, our home, and our church....together we are walking by faith.

That is all He asks of us.

We can do this...hand in hand. We are united in this simple truth and that is all we need to make it...and glorify His name.


  1. This is good timing for me. Thanks for sharing your heart. You have such insight and it challenges me. I am so grateful for you and your family. Love you! See you soon!

    p.s. you look like you have some sort of amazon growth disease on your hands! LOL

  2. Jennipher you continue to amaze me with your insight into walking with the Lord...someday I believe you will be a writer:-)

  3. Thanks for sharing this... something we all need to hear and be reminded of.