Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clearing out our woods...

Fresh flowers to decorate the table for our special dinner
A toast to mommy & daddy ( mommy was thirsty)
The menu & appetizers
True Oregonian
More Yard

Last weekend Aaron decided to start clearing out the woods so that the kids could have more space to play and we can eventually build them a tree house. It was a ton of work and we aren't even halfway through! But, already the kids have been up there getting lost in their own worlds of Davy Crockett, pioneers, and Narnia. I'm so thankful that they still love to use their imaginations and don't mind bugs bites or being covered in dirt. Hopefully this space will hold as many precious memories for them as our old backyard on Pine Street.

Side note: While Aaron and I were working our rear ends off up in the woods, the kids decided to show their appreciation by making us dinner. It was so adorable...they even made a menu and poured us both a beer (in our old wine glasses from the day we were engaged) topped with a slice of fresh peach...I couldn't help but laugh. They were even thoughtful enough to set up music while we ate.


  1. is that ranch dressing with pickles and lettuce? Those guys are awesome :)

    LOVE you all!

  2. So adorable... I am going to let Elijah and Lydia read this blog. (hint hint). What a blessing!

  3. That is so sweet! I love the appetizers!

  4. now thats how you keep your young girlish figure these days, eating just lettuce and pickles. You look absolutely beautiful even after a hard days work!!! And Aaron doesnt look to shabby either!! Love that pic of you two!!! Wish I was sharing that meal with you two!